Abortion is often anchored around financial insufficiency, education and employment challenges and a lack of stability in the home. A significant number of women seeking abortion in our community reside in north Memphis, particularly the Frayser community. Through our collaborative partnership, Christ Community Health Services’ brand new state-of-the-art family healthcare clinic in Frayser has become an outreach point for Life Choices!

We now have a trained Client Advocate, Kawanza Tenner, meeting women at their precise point of need at the Frayser Clinic. We are so grateful for those who’ve made it possible for women to have the opportunity to choose and cherish life as we offer women options counseling, adoption counseling, and referral services for both medical and non-medical needs. Through Life Choices’ work in Frayser, patients will now have opportunities for ultrasound, STI testing and follow-up care to develop a plan for their babies, as well as positive plans for themselves.

We are continually reassessing how we can best meet the needs of women and their unborn babies in our community. Kawanza being in Frayser is just a part of the vision that God is giving our ministry for the future as we strive to meet the needs of women and their unborn babies.

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