Leadership and Staff

  • Steven M. Coplon
    Steven M. Coplon Chief Executive Officer
  • Susan Meewes
    Susan Meewes Nursing Director


  • Cathy Schroeder
    Cathy Schroeder Chief Financial Officer
  • Melissa Mathis
    Melissa Mathis Director of Client Services


  • Judy McLaughlin
    Judy McLaughlin Director of Adoption Services

    Masters of Science in Counseling

  • Shelley Sumner
    Shelley Sumner Director of Development
  • Gabriela Horn
    Gabriela Horn Client Advocate, Bilingual
  • Joyce Lomo
    Joyce Lomo Client Advocate, Bilingual
  • Chelsea Berryhill
    Chelsea Berryhill Client Advocate
  • Georgia Pointer
    Georgia Pointer Client Advocate
  • Denise Howard
    Denise Howard Client Advocate
  • Tabu James
    Tabu James Nurse, Bilingual


  • Sam Smith
    Sam Smith Nurse


  • Linda Reese
    Linda Reese Nurse


  • Marie Rehling
    Marie Rehling Nurse


  • Christie McBride
    Christie McBride Office Administrator
  • Rachel Davis
    Rachel Davis Community Outreach Coordinator
  • Terri Austin
    Terri Austin Financial Assistant
  • Wendy Quinn
    Wendy Quinn Volunteer Coordinator
  • Maranatha Maurer
    Maranatha Maurer Nurse


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