It has been a joy to celebrate National Adoption Month throughout November. As the month comes to an end today, we want to celebrate a staff member who plays a vital role in every adoption at Life Choices.

Also, this week is a very special week for her as tomorrow, December 1st, she will celebrate her 22nd anniversary of being on staff at Life Choices!!!

A few months ago, we asked Amanda some questions about herself… here are her answers:

Do you have a favorite story that you like to share from your time at Life Choices? “There are many memories/stories. The one coming to mind right now is the first time I had someone accept Jesus as their Savior. This was about 1992 when I was volunteering to do post-abortion counseling. This meeting was the first of several with this young woman. She asked me a question, ‘Would I have gone to hell, if someone had shot me coming out of the abortion clinic?’ I answered with what I think was God given words, ‘That depends on what you had done with Jesus before you walked in’. This young woman was open to listening to the gospel and she chose to accept Jesus as her Lord and Savior! Another memory that has been repeated many times: Walking along side an adoption birthmother and her family during her labor and delivery. To see the anguish of the pain of birth, the joy of life, and the amazing joy of prayers answered through the birthmother’s sacrifice of her greatest desire for her child’s highest good. To see a birthmother place her baby into the arms of the adoptive mother is an awesome picture of love.”

What is a surprising fact about you? “I was definitely a ‘late bloomer’. I was told by a friend ‘One is getting older whether or not they are completing their education’. It was in Fall of 1996 that God sent me back to school to complete my college degree, completing my masters in 2002, and licensure in 2007. Also, from age 7 until 17 I picked cotton each fall. It was with this money that I bought my fall clothes. The most I ever picked in one day was 200 lbs – amount of pay – $6.00. I believe this and other teaching from my family taught me the work ethic I have to this day.”

Amanda plays an incredibly important role on our staff at Life Choices. She selflessly serves our clients and truly exemplifies the love of Christ.

We love you Amanda and are very grateful for your 22 years of service!

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