With it almost being Valentine’s Day, love and relationships are on our minds and everywhere we look.

What a perfect time to celebrate the launch of our new sexual integrity program called Reality Check!

Reality Check equips and empowers youth to make wise choices. Choices that reflect a growing understanding of their value, and demonstrate respect towards themselves and others. The curriculum addresses teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, healthy vs. unhealthy relationships, abuse, and use of media and social media. Each member of the Reality Check team serves as a positive role model who encourages genuine confidence in all students by engaging them with accurate information, dynamic stories, and thought provoking questions and activities.

“I think it was really great. I liked how it was an open discussion and [the speakers] were very honest with us. This really helped me become more aware of the outcomes of having sex and it helped me form my decisions. Awesome presentation.”– Jr. High Student

Reality Check is sponsored by Life Choices of Memphis. Over 5500+ students in our community have already heard the Reality Check presentaions this school year.

If you would like to learn more Reality Check and getting it into your school or youth group, email us here or call 901-388-1172.

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