When we were looking for an adoption agency, our top priority was to find one that was Christian in name and practice. We are so grateful that the Lord directed us to Life Choices. The way they care for birth mothers is exemplary, and the opportunity for us to partner with them in life-affirming work has been a great blessing to our family. We continue to be more impressed with Life Choices and thankful for their ministry after every interaction.

We were selected by a birth mother in July 2013 and our daughter was born the following month. We’ve been very encouraged at how the birth mother’s counselors have come alongside our daughter’s birth mother and genuinely love her. They were in contact with her almost daily for much of the second half of her pregnancy, and they went above and beyond to help her in a number of ways. She even requested that they be in the delivery room with her because of the level of trust and friendship she felt for them. We’ve come to see that the counseling for birth mothers continues indefinitely, even after a baby has been placed with an adoptive family.

It’s been a real joy to hear about the ways our agency has been showing her the love of Christ and providing help for her even to this day.

Through Life Choices, we’ve been able to establish a wonderful relationship with our daughter’s birth mother. They have provided wise counsel for us at every step, which means more to us than we can say. Without fail, they’ve been helpful and kind to both our families that have been joined by adoption. Before working with Life Choices, we would have been intimidated by the thought of a relationship with our daughter’s birth mother. But we’re thankful that through Life Choices, God had a more beautiful plan in mind. This Christmas, we initiated a visit with our daughter’s birth mother and her other children, and three Life Choices staff came in on a day off to make that possible. We hugged, laughed, cried, and marveled at God’s kindness to us in bringing our families together and using the wonderful people at Life Choices as the means to do that.

~ Josh and Jenn

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