Becoming a parent is a big responsibility. What most parents wish is that their child came with an instruction manual, sorry to inform you, they don’t! Having good, solid support, advice and education is a valuable thing. Life Choices created our Bridges program to provide our clients with some helpful tools to fill up their parenting tool bag. We didn’t have to go far to find some local programs in Memphis to connect our moms with. These programs educate, uplift and support our moms.

Life Choices developed an in house program called Empowerment. This program is near and dear to me personally. This is a group for our moms to grow, bond and create lifelong friendships with other moms who are going through a similar experience.

This program takes a holistic stand point; we understand how important it is for a mom to be healthy in all aspects of her life. We discuss a wide range of topics from self-care and bonding with your baby to baby shower themes. These women have fun and learn a lot along the way. They get pampered once per month by a reflexologist and are educated by top notch professionals, including a licensed Lamaze instructor and an infant care nurse.

Empowerment is not only a place for our moms to learn about themselves and their babies, more importantly it is a place for her to feel free and safe. It becomes like home. In Empowerment we create a family like bond, and each group that comes through Life Choices will always hold a special place in my heart.

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