A word from our CEO…

Just more bad news…or is this a call to action?

Your social media accounts, like mine, were probably flooded with the latest view of Planned Parenthood’s disregard for human life – discussing the sale of organs harvested from the bodies of aborted babies. And, like me, you were sickened as this new layer of secrecy was removed from Planned Parenthood’s public image.

But…what do we do with this kind of information?

As we ‘share’ the latest scandal, is there anything else we can do…anything else we should do? The Scriptures clearly admonish us, as believers, ‘to know to do good and not do it, is sin’. Pretty strong words, right? So…what is ‘good’ and how do we ‘do it’? Let me offer you a couple of options…opportunities to answer God’s call to action.

1. Pray – before anything else, pray. We all know there is evil in this world, right? We also know that Christ joins us as we seek God’s help through prayer, right? So, praying to end abortion should be an obvious, right?

2. Serve – our community is so blessed to have a variety of ways to serve women who’ve found themselves in an unexpected pregnancy. Of course, I highly recommend you check out the opportunities available to you at Life Choices! We have over 75 individuals serving as often as once a week, to one time annually…and everything in between. Go to lcfriends.org and click on the Get Involved link to see how you can join with us.

3. Give – this is probably both the easiest, yet most difficult, thing to do. There’s just something about turning loose of our hard-earned dollars that makes us hold them even tighter. Let me encourage you…challenge you…to re-think that strategy. Become a Life Connector – a person committed to invest at least $50 per month to help us meet the needs of young women in crisis in our community each year. This may be a sacrifice, or really easy…but I challenge you to answer this call to action. Just go to lcfriends.org and click on one of the Donate Now buttons…I promise – you won’t regret it!

So…will you answer God’s call to action? Will you become one of thousands of individuals in our community committed to giving real life-affirming options to young women and their babies? Go beyond the disgust of those who show the ultimate disrespect for women and their babies…answer God’s call now! Pray, Serve, Give – take your place with us as we stand in the gap for the unborn.

~ Sue Parker, CEO

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