I was able to attend a special legislative hearing last week in Nashville that focused on how the state of TN is protecting life and if any abortion facilities in our state are breaking the law.

It was made clear in the meeting that the selling of tissue or body parts of aborted babies is illegal. Department of Health Commissioner Dr. John Dreyzehner was present was asked several questions by the committee pertaining to how abortion providers report information and how those facilities are inspected. The Commissioner stated that these clinics are inspected or surveyed once every 15 months. They must report on every abortion that takes place within 10 days and also report the method of disposing of the aborted tissue and body parts.

The meeting really came down to this- how do they know that what is being reported is truthful?

Surely if someone is breaking the law, they would not willfully fill out a report that discloses their actions and turn it in to the government.

That prompted Sen. Mae Beavers, R-Mt. Juliet, to ask: “There’s really no proof of what they do with those aborted babies, right? You have no follow-up with vendors or anyone … so you just take their (clinics’) word for it, so if they were selling body parts, you would not necessarily know this?” Dreyzehner responded: “If they were breaking the law, we would not necessarily know this. That’s correct.”

U.S. Reps. Marsha Blackburn and Diane Black, made an appearance at the hearing to testify about their separate efforts to investigate and defund Planned Parenthood nationally and to urge TN lawmakers to investigate the state’s three Planned Parenthood affiliates. These ladies are powerful allies and we need to support and encourage them in every way as they head back to Congress in September and push for their bills that will provide stricter regulations for Planned Parenthood and its federal funding.

Congressman Backburn gave the following numbers as she addresses the committee: In 2013, Planned Parenthood did 327,653 abortions, 1,880 referrals for adoptions, and 18,684 prenatal services. That is 94.1% abortions, 5.9% for other services. They received 540 million federal dollars. However, no federal money goes to abortions…. It doesn’t add up. I agree.

So, what’s next? This hearing ended with the acknowledgment that stricter regulations have to be provided around the reports given by abortion providers and how they dispose of aborted tissue and body parts. Hopefully in TN, we will soon see stronger regulations and inspections of those abortion providers.

Also, we need to stay informed on what is happening in Congress and with federal funding of Planned Parenthood. Could the money given to PP go to other organizations? Would PP split into two separate entities with one providing prenatal care and the other providing abortions? We are moving in the right direction! People have felt a call to action and are standing for LIFE in our community, state and nation. I applaud the Center for Medical Progress for these videos; I doubt we would be having these conversations without them. If you feel the urge to get involved in some way but don’t know where to start, fill out a form at this link and we can help you get connected. Also, see our CEOs previous blog post. Please always start with prayer; pray for our local and state leaders. Pray for our government and legislations. Pray for the abortion providers and for every scared girl who walks through their doors. Also, pray for Pregnancy Medical Clinics, like Life Choices, around the country.

Cherish Life,
Stacie Maze
Ministry Relations Director at Life Choices

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