I know first hand how important the work of agencies like Life Choices is when you face an unplanned pregnancy. 
I was pregnant with my daughter at 19 years of age, a college sophomore at Stephens College for Women in Columbia, MO. The first choice that was presented to me was by my child’s father and his family… an abortion. I didn’t know what to do because I had been raised by a single mother and knew that was not the struggle I wanted for myself.
After a lot of going back and forth with the choice of abortion, my grandmother convinced me to come home and have my baby and God would work everything out for me. When I came home I didn’t have insurance or anything, and I was already about 3 months pregnant. I was lost and needed help and then someone connected me to an agency that helped me with maternity clothes, an ultrasound, and direction. I wish I could remember the name of the organization because they truly were a lifeline for me and my baby.
When my daughter was one year old, God sent my husband and blessed me and my daughter Tayler with a beautiful life. It all started with the decision not to abort my child, but to trust God through it all. It was through that agency, that I realized that abortion and adoption were not options that I could emotionally handle because I was mature enough to be a mother, I just didn’t want to give up some of my dreams. The counselor helped me to see the blessing that God had given me. 
Dr. Stephane L. Cole
Nothing But Love Foundation
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