Mother’s Day is a special day to honor the women in our lives that we are so lucky to call Mom. God has blessed us with mothers whom love us more than they love themselves. It is a honor & privilege to be a mother to a child.  Unfortunately not all of us that want to be mothers are, despite our hopes and prayers.  Mother’s Day for some of us is difficult, especially those of us waiting to be mothers & fathers to a child.  We all have our journeys in life, and I had no idea that we would still be waiting for our child so many years later.  I did not know it would be this difficult or long of a journey.

My husband and I love children & have dedicated our lives to helping children. Why do we not have children in our family to love & nurture & guide through life? To celebrate the holidays & family time, to celebrate being a mother? While we can celebrate our mothers & remember our grandmothers; Mother’s Day is a day that is difficult for the those who struggle with infertility & pregnancy loss. A day dedicated to motherhood that we long to be a part of.  Some will never understand the pain and disappointment we feel. Words cannot convey the sadness of not being a mother…

So if you see the tears or I look unhappy, know it is not you.  I am just trying to make it through a day that reminds me I am still waiting to be a mother.  The years have passed by more than I would like and as I reflect on another Mother’s Day I try to be thankful. It is not what I want, it is not my choice to continue to wait to become a mother. God knows my heart and I continue to pray and hope for our child.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the others like me, still waiting to become a mother.

May God Bless you!

Katie Birdsell