A beautiful young teenager entered the center recently. She came in determined to have the abortion her support person had scheduled the following Saturday. The Client Advocate engaged in counseling with the young lady, and she expressed extreme guilt for her current circumstances. She opened up to the Client Advocate about her future dreams and career goals. She expressed thoughts of failing herself and her mother. The Client Advocate processed her guilt with her and assured her that her life had not ended.


The Client Advocate discussed all of the choices for this pregnancy with the young lady, in which she expressed that parenting was not a choice for her. She revealed to the client advocate that she would consider adoption only if she were past TN’s legal limit for abortion procedures. After consulting with the Nurse about the client’s situation; the Client Advocate and Nurse spent time in prayer over this client.


The Nurse went in the counseling room to begin her medical intake and noticed this young girl sitting in a chair with her hands clinched together in her lap, and her head hung down. The Nurse focused on the shame and guilt that the client was feeling, so she pulled up a chair close to her and spoke in a gentle and loving tone. At first the client was only answering “yes” or “no” to questions asked. As time went on the Nurse noticed tears dripping down her face. This young lady was assured that she was loved and that we wanted to help her.


Moving to the ultrasound room, it was then determined how far along she was in her pregnancy. During the ultrasound she began telling her circumstances. This young client confided in the Nurse telling how the father of the baby was not good for her, and how he had come between she and her mother and said that he was ‘bad news’. The Nurse listened to and comforted her. The ultrasound showed that she was 24 weeks pregnant. She saw her baby for the first time on the ultrasound screen, and suddenly appeared calm, and as she sat up, she looked the Nurse straight in the eye and confidently said “I’m going to adopt, I choose adoption for my baby”.
The child that came into the clinic with her head hung in shame, now had a smile on her face, her head held high, and confident of her next step in the process. The Nurse continued to encourage her saying how special she is to God, and then introduced her to the Adoption Counselor for adoption counseling to begin.
The basics of the adoption process were explained to her, and a follow-up appointment was made to continue helping her with her plan. As she left the center, she was encouraged that we at Life Choices were going to help her. The Client Advocate gave her some basic information to take with her and to discuss when she returned the next week. 
For that appointment, the Life Choices Adoption Counselor met with the young lady and her mother. Their desires to move forward with the adoption plan were again confirmed. It is so very clear that God is working all things together for good as this family makes plans for both the young teen and a future adoptive family.